Empol Transport awarded prize and is ranked in the Top 1500!!

May 12, 2016, prizes for the winners of the Top 1500 most effectively managed transport companies were handed out at the Truck Forum & Awards. Among the winners was Empol Transport. Research into the Top 1500 most effectively managed transport companies has been led by the Eurologistics publishing house and the Data Group Consulting for the past 11 years. The programme has the responsibility for selecting transportation companies that stand out in the field of financial efficiency. The award ceremony was the culminating moment of the Truck Forum & Awards – the largest meeting of Transport, Spedition and Logistics companies in Poland. The award for Empol Transport was received during the ceremony by the company owners, Katarzyna and Marcin Maurer.“I guess there is no one person who deserves this prize”, said Katarzyna Maurer, when receiving the award. “We employ a large group of people who put their hearts in what they do and are honest workers. Each of them should receive this award. Thank you very much”.The awards in the Top 1500 survey are the result of the comprehensive assessment of the activities of companies in the transport sector. Businesses are ranked based on the following set of key indicators: profitability, financing, efficiency of use of resources and liquidity. This allows interested parties to make comparisons and facilitate the search for companies that provide them with the same reference point. The award granted to Empol Transport confirms the company’s high financial efficiency.

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