Naczepy KRONE Profi Liner

In connection with long-term activities, experience and global trends, our company focuses on the permanent and systematic exchange of rolling stock in order that our vehicles have minimum negative impact on the environment. Already this year, 10 new DAF trucks, class EURO VI exhaust emissions with new trailers have been added to our fleet. The website published an article about 55 KRONE semi-trailers bought by EMPOL-TRANSPORT: 55. Krone semi-trailer for EMPOL Werlte, February 2016 – 55 Krone semi-trailers were formally transferred to the owner of EMPOL, Marcin Maurer, and the chief of transport, Grzegorz Maurer, by the regional director of POZKRONE S.A., Ernest Pilch, and Poland director of Krone, Marek Posmyk. The KRONE Profi Liner semi-trailer was received directly from the factory in Werlte. EMPOL a transport company operating since 2003, provides transport services throughout the European Union. It currently has a fleet of approximately 100 vehicles with tarpaulin-covered semi-trailers.KRONE Profi Liner semi-trailers are stable, reliable and well designed. Their robust frame and high-quality coating technology KTL + Pulver guarantee longevity. The standard components of reputable suppliers, as well as numerous options for optimum load security, make the KRONE semi-trailer extremely versatile and reduces operational costs to a minimum. This all ensures flexibility, reliability, and competitiveness – key competencies of the Polish partner – EMPOL.

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